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Yamba surf spots

At Surf Camp Down Under we are blessed with an abundance of amazing surf spots we can choose from. These spots range from perfect soft easy beginner waves to world-class high performance point breaks.

(Use the tabs below to see the information of each surf spot)

  • Turners Beach
    Turners, also known as T-Wall provides a variety of different peaks up and down the beach to cater for all levels of surfing.

    Kiddies corner is perfect for beginners to learn the fundamentals of surfing and continuously produces even breaking spilling waves making it ideal for learning.
    The A frame is somewhere where surfers can take there new learnt skills and put them to practice. The A frames provides a consistent left and right breaking wave which is excellent for intermediate surfers to try catching unbroken waves, gaining speed and turning.
    The Wall is for experienced and advanced surfers only. This break can hold double if not triple overhead waves on its day and produces some of Yamba’s best rides. When it’s on it can be heavily localized and hard for anyone less than advanced to catch their rides.
  • Main Beach
    Main Beach also known as main drain or Yamba’s Bondi is identified for its beauty and relaxed atmosphere. Not only does main beach have fulltime lifeguards making it the safest beach to learn but it also has a nice coastal footpath, ocean swimming pool and lovely café on the beach, which makes it perfect for after surf coffees and milkshakes

  • Pippi Beach
    Pippi Beach provides clean offshore conditions throughout all of the summer months from October to March, The waves are well known for breaking softly across the even sandbar.

    Surf Camp Down Under utilizes Pippi’s long stretch of sand to find the best learn to surf waves for all levels of competency, Also Pippi Beach is well known for the reliability of bumping into the true locals.
    Nearly every session at Pippi we are graced with the local pod of dolphins swimming through the line up and sharing waves with our clients making dreams of surfing with dolphins a reality. Just ask Surf Coach Shane the time he played with baby dolphins in the lineup.

  • Convent Beach
    Convent beach is located in between Main Beach and Pippi’s Beach, not really renowned for its perfect waves but more for some of Australia’s best snorkeling and spear fishing.
    Convent Beach is ideal for sitting under a palm tree, relaxing in the afternoon, grabbing a book and watching the sun go down.

  • Angourie
    Angourie Point – is a world class point break which is well known for its localism, crowds and heaving barrels, recommended only for advanced or expert level surfers.
    Angourie on its day is truly one of Australia’s best point breaks. Not only being home to one of the best waves in Australia, Angourie provides one of Australia’s emptiest and prettiest stretches of coastline offered on the east coast.